Manufacturing machines since 1997 and later in 2003 with the opening of Eco Machines to serve the national and international market, industrializing machinery and equipment for the manufacture of brick blocks and ecological floors. We are the largest in the Americas in the segment and while we are focused on industrial development, we also aim to provide sustainable buildings with low environmental impact, reducing costs, training professionals and helping to combat Global Warming, and our work has been recognized. worldwide.

The production of our machines and equipment are fully produced in series in the assembling process, which demonstrates the quality of our products.

We manufacture with the highest technology within the precision mechanics, automated or computerized with finishing and differentiated quality, we use state of the art software, highly qualified professionals and the entire factory patio is in compliance with the NR12 occupational safety standards.

The Eco Machines packaging and shipping industry is qualified to ensure the efficient delivery of our products and parts so that they reach their destination quickly and safely.

All the experience and know-how acquired since 2003 makes the Eco Machines Industry reference in the segment, this process model already serves more than 50 countries that have adopted our machines and equipment to promote the sustainable development of their nations.


Provide green solutions to the construction industry, seeking customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, employee qualification and management commitment.


Maintain and win new customers;

Seek the satisfaction of our customers;

Keep the Quality Management System and process under continuous improvement;

Invest in employee improvement;

Support work processes for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.


We have an import and export technical team to support the Customer / Importer whenever you need. We serve all countries respecting their import requirements.


We offer full support for our customers to import safely and economically. We have high quality partners in the international logistics area, experienced forwarders and personalized services.


We offer the Customer / Importer several transport options, with reduced values. We take care of the issuance of documents necessary for cargo negotiation and release: Issuance of shipping documents; Certificate of origin, always using the agreement with Importing Country so that our Client / Importer has lower cost of nationalization and in some cases the cost is ZERO.


In all exports are used international insurance with coverage of 110% of the value of Invoice and our packaging follows the international standard for sea, air and road shipments.


Eco Máquinas has in its headquarters a complete factory with all the machines and equipment that are for sale, that is, when purchasing any product our customers receive completely free training of each product purchased and also learns in practice the whole production process. of ecological bricks.