The first row indicates the exact position of each brick, determining the locations of the grouts (location of the irons) and the openings of doors and windows, being executed according to the project.



Chosen not to be the Radier, it is very important to make the floor covering for a clean work and a practical storage of the bricks, making it easy for the builder to reach.

1 - Studies

indicate that for every 8 installed bricks the wall advances 1 cm, so, if the first row is made at the ends of the foundation, the plan must be prepared considering this difference to prevent the bricks from exceeding the foundation.

2 - After Applying

the asphalt waterproofing in the position of the walls, position the bricks without mass, ignoring the intervals of the doors, but respecting the location of the bricks half.

3 - After

distribute according to the plan we recommend that you use a mass in the proportion of 3 sand to 1 cement, starting the laying at the 4 corners, leveling and aligning, only then remove the bricks to form the doorways.

4 - After this action

drill a hole in the indicated places of each column, we recommend cutting 1.6m bars so that it does not get too high and makes it difficult to settle, only then apply the bars to the holes.

Bearing in mind that this is the method used by the vast majority of builders who have based themselves on the long history of ecological modular construction, however, consult a specialized professional and start building.